These are not just words, they are areas we strive to achieve. At CredNet, we understand the challenges of a start-up or simply trying to find ways to improve a process. We’re a group of committed, C-Suite, and street smart executives who are dedicated to listening, exploring and offering their knowledge, experience and compassion they have when it comes to revolutionizing some of the holes in our healthcare system. 

Our range of expertise provides services to a wide array of clients from small and large medical groups, managed care organization, regional, state and multi state healthcare groups, nonprofits, commercial payers, healthcare systems, and more.

At CredNet, we understand the unique needs of healthcare providers and organizations, which is why we’re here to help with the specific needs of each client, always aiming to help them avoid or minimize the time and expense associated with running a healthcare organization. So, when it comes to guidance and/or support in the areas of group/network expansion, credentialing, enrollment or revenue enhancement, we’re here to assist in finding the solutions.